Pat [Gaal] and John Merrell

Dear Jean, Boni, VIcky, and Martin,

We had a WONDERFUL time the past two evenings! The Crowell Public Library and San Gabriel Country Club were fun venues for our reunion, and we thank you for arranging such delightful gatherings for all of us. We know a tremendous amount of effort went into preparing and planning for our 50th reunion, and we genuinely appreciate the thankless hours you spent to make the weekend a happy, memorable occasion for everyone. You certainly succeeded!

We loved seeing everyone, reminiscing, catching up, and laughing. How blessed we are to share these treasured 50-year, in many cases 62-year friendships! Not many can claim such a great number of life-long relationships!

Our sincerest thanks to you all for creating such a festive party for our 1962 SMHS classmates. It was a terrific reunion weekend!


Pat and John Merrell

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Pam Ballarini, Kathi Pitts, Bob Bermingham, Mike Moffat

1961 Senior Prom, A Summer Place, Then and Now Kathi Pitts, Mike Moffat, Pam Fraleigh, Bob Bermingham re-staged the ‘double date’ 2012 50th Reunion
Pam Ballarini, now Fraleigh]

Charlie Munro and Alan Freeman


Pep rally campaign promise fraud revealed.

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A “Found” Weekend!

Lee Roger Champion

Dear Jeanie

Thanks for keeping me in the loop on how everyone is doing, and also for putting together the great newsletter . . .

I have nothing but fond memories of my short time in San Marino, and seeing the names on the sidebar of your newsletter brought back a smile for friends I knew long ago.

. . . I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to the reunion, but hopefully there will be a chance to make it to one in the future . . . “